Email Marketing


Email addresses…how many do you have? Work, personal, throwaway, and oh, do you get email on your phone too? Email marketing has grown to mean much more than simply sending your monthly e-newsletter. An effective email marketing strategy lets you keep in touch with your audience without having to click send each and every time. Smart triggers and web tracking allow your clients to receive email updates with relevant content. Did you know that your messages may not look the same in all email systems? Don't worry, I have the experience to make your message look great in all of them.


  • 3+ Years Experience
  • Over 5,000,000 Emails Delivered
  • 100+ Custom Designs
  • Welcome Campaigns
  • Double Opt-In Confirmation
  • List Scrubbing
  • CANSPAM Compliance
  • Personalized Messages

Services Offered

Newsletter Design

List Building

Delivery Coordination

Database Management