The American College: Director, Marketing Media — 3/08-Present


As the eMarketing Manager, I am responsible for the design and delivery of all email marketing campaigns as well as taking ownership of our external consumer websites. While here, I successfully lead teams responsible for the re-design of as well as launching To do so, I coordinated with our vendors to develop and program the custom content management system (CMS) to power the site. I was also given the opportunity to research and implement a new email marketing vendor that cut The College's costs while gaining increased functionality and tools within the platform.


  • Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Flash Animation
  • DVD Menu Graphics
  • Branding
  • Online Marketing
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Analytics Reporting & Interpreting

Email Lab

  • Overview

    • Responsible for all internal & external email marketing communications
    • Coordinated co-branded messages for sales VP's
    • Upgraded our email marketing service provider
  • Improved

    • Database management
    • Synchronization between web analytics and email marketing reports
    • Accuracy of ROI metrics
    • Use of suppression & black lists to optimize delivery
    • Opt-in campaign processes
  • Implemented

    • Industry best practices & standards
    • Dynamically created email messages
    • Trigger based emails
    • Demographic & market segmentation

Web Lab

  • The American College

    • Highlights:
    • Lead designer & project manager responsible for full redesign of The American College's website
    • Designed a custom CMS with in-house web developers
    • Managed team responsible for moving content
    • Launched on time & under budget
  • Financial Planning Success

    • Highlights:
    • Coordinated layout & design with freelancers
    • Fully developed using CSS
    • Lead generation micro site
  • One Person

  • The Wealth Channel

    • Highlights:
    • Lead designer
    • Streaming video
    • Worked with external vendors to build custom CMS
    • Social media sharing widgets
  • Designation Check

    • Highlights:
    • Lead designer
    • Custom Flash video player
    • Unique search functionality synched with multiple databases
  • Highest Standard Sites

Motion Lab

  • Wealth Channel Promo

    • Highlights:
    • Commercial to promote
    • Developed storyboards prior to designing the website
    • Animated and coordinated video clips
    • Directed voiceover talent
    • Produced and animated using Final Cut Pro and AfterEffects
    • » Launch Player
  • What If Campaign

    • Highlights:
    • Internal video to build excitement for a new fundraising campaign
    • Present the "growth" of The College over time
    • Searched for and found stock video
    • Directed voiceover talent
    • Produced and animated using Final Cut Pro and AfterEffects
    • » Launch Player
  • Flash Animations

Print Lab